still healthy, still single (again!)

I run for fun (yeah, I know – run and fun = mutually exclusive)… one of my recent runs was really important to me because I lost my last relationship over it (I use the term relationship very loosely here – it was a thing, a 5 month thing). It was right before New Year’s and I’d signed up for a 4k fun run. The guy I was seeing/dating at the time was not (and never will be!) a runner, but he said he’d join me for this one. Awesome!

Except, the evening before, he bailed on the run… and not just bailed, but stormed out the door in a temper tantrum over it… which is never a good look! (seriously grown men throwing tantrums is purely ridiculous, all puce of face and bulging of veins). I watched him storm out, my heart sinking and when he slammed the door and gunned his SUV down the driveway, all I could think was… well, hell – there’s a pattern of behaviour that won’t change in a hurry!!

The run was the next evening and it was 31 degrees (celcius not farenheit – umm google tells me 31 celcius is 87.8 farenheit, so pretty darn hot!! 😛 ). I’m usually a morning runner and not real good running in hot weather, so this one was tough for me, even though the distance wasn’t that long. There are a lot of other runners out there (like my running buddies Kerry, Teri and Liz) who run longer distances in more challenging environments and they are tough folk and a bit more resilient than I. But for me a hot run over any distance sucks – but I was totally determined to finish this one!

Here I am during the race and I’m defs looking hot, melty and grittily determined – and I’m pretty sure this was fairly early in the race – but there was no way I was going to stop!

Here I am sweating my way through the run…

I’m the one in red with the pink hat 🙂

When I got home from the run I found a text from dating guy saying “I hope the run was so important to you that it signifies ending a relationship… I hope you find what you are running from…” pffft!!! How Gen Y, I got ditched in a text message!!! 😛

I am NEVER running from – I am ALWAYS running towards….

…unless it’s the zombies, then defs I am running from!!!

running zombies





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