Things learned in lockdown – aka things I have learned to do and learned about myself

  1. How to wax my own eyebrows (and yes I still have eyebrows, surprised myself there!)
  2. Going to the nail salon all these years was probably not a good idea – it’s taken 8 weeks and my nails are still a mess, but I can see healthy nail growing (note to self, don’t – just don’t)
  3. Keeping up exercise. My gym, like everyone else’s, shut down. Luckily, I am a runner. So, I’m back to running 6km 3 times/week. Weekends are long bike rides with my partner. We have eBikes. However, I do make sure I turn the e-assist to zero as much as possible. But hells no for the hills, that’s a definite 5 – 7 assist!
  4. I am fortunate to have kept my job and to have a job that easily moved to working from home. I have taken a 20% pay cut and at the moment I am on 3 weeks unpaid leave (whilst still working on a project).
  5. I am one of those persons who is up at 6am for my run, then shower, brekkie and putting on my ‘work clothes’, make-up and doing my hair.
  6. The first few weeks I started getting in the habit of drinking wine nightly. Now there’s nothing wrong with a wine or three. Always good for relaxing and rewinding after a hard day. But I did not want it becoming a ‘thing.’ Plus I don’t need the extra calories. Lockdown is tough enough without that. And a couple of wines and I start looking for things to snack on, usually the unhealthy things.
  7. I generally don’t mind spending a lot of time at home.
  8. Zoom meetings are two things. 1) Endless and often boring. 2) Sometimes a necessary thing for work stuff and just to see and speak with other humans oh and 3) I do love playing with the virtual backgrounds. Yes, I know. That’s 3 not 2, I could correct the initial statement, but I won’t. Because, no reason.
  9. My dog and cat love having me home every day.
  10. I do not miss the daily commute to and from work.
  11. I will find it hard to go back to that routine and I know I will be reluctant.
  12. I am ready to retire (shame I can’t actually afford to retire). We went through a restructure and multiple redundancies last month. I had to lose one of my team and I’d only hired her in January and she was really good at her job. I have no heart or stomach for this type of thing. I know it’s because of Covid-19, However, I have experienced many restructures over the last 10 years or so and I have been on both sides of the redundancy equation. I don’t want to do it anymore. The world of work is too harsh for me. Necessary, but not where I want to be.
  13. I downloaded a cool meditation app and I’ve been trying to do a meditation at least once per day. It’s really good as they have different timed meditations from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So it’s perfect to find one that suits the time you have to commit.
  14. I’d like to record a meditation – as in I’d like to run a session myself. So I will play around with that idea a bit more.
  15. I wanted to try again to learn to play the flute. Yeah, I managed two days of 15 minutes re-learning just how to squawk out a noise. I guess it needs to become a habit if it is anything at all.
  16. I do not like jigsaw puzzles. Not one little bit and I have absolutely no desire to spend lockdown and isolation with one. Nope.
  17. I have really missed writing blog posts.


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