…so this woman came up to me at the workshop and asked me about dieting!!

I was at my blogging workshop yesterday with a bunch of people and this woman came up to me during the break to ask my advice on health and diet. She told me she’d just started a new diet… and wait… no I said, that’s the thing; don’t go on a diet! And there you have it – one of the main reasons why women struggle with their weight. They go on all sorts of diets, lose a little weight, then head straight back into their regular (and generally unhealthy) eating habits and pile the weight back on and get miserable and depressed and think it’s way too hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So we chatted for a bit and she was asking if she should cut out carbs or go gluten free. I told her we all need carbs (probs not as much or the type most folk consume) and you only need to go gluten free if you are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease (preferably diagnosed by your Health Practitioner, rather than self-diagnosed or from asking Dr Google!). When thinking about carbs aim for wholemeal versions of standard foods i.e. wholemeal/whole wheat bread; rice; flour and pasta. If you don’t like wholemeal, then mix it up a little – use half white/refined flour and half wholemeal… play around with it a little and you will get used to the different textures and flavours.

I was then asked what my secret was for being reasonably slim, athletic looking and healthy. And I said, there is no secret… eat mostly fresh and be mindful of how much you are eating – keep a food diary to track what and how much you eat – there are even phone apps you can download to help with tracking. Add in some form of exercise – something you like or at least can tolerate

types of exercise you can do on your own or grab a friend or two

  • walk (try to get your heart rate up a bit if you can)
  • dance (this one is not for me – absolutely no sense of rhythm!)
  • swim (or water aerobics) in the local pool or in the ocean if you live near one
  • run or jog or shuffle real fast (or a combination of all of that)
  • zumba or some other form of group exercise/activity
  • yoga/pilates – we all need to be a little stretchy!
  • join a team sport in your neighbourhood
  • head to the gym – there are so many around, I go to a 24/7 coz I like an early morning start; there are even ladies only gyms – without mirrors, so you don’t have to watch yourself in all your unflattering lycra glory 😛

…just move, when you can, as often as you can and as much as you can 🙂

And bit by tiny bit you will find you can change your lifestyle, improve your health and start to feel better…

fun run
here I am with my girlfriends Leonie and Kerry just after completing a 5k Color Fun Run – don’t you just love our pink tutus? 🙂 🙂 🙂 



still healthy, still single (again!)

I run for fun (yeah, I know – run and fun = mutually exclusive)… one of my recent runs was really important to me because I lost my last relationship over it (I use the term relationship very loosely here – it was a thing, a 5 month thing). It was right before New Year’s and I’d signed up for a 4k fun run. The guy I was seeing/dating at the time was not (and never will be!) a runner, but he said he’d join me for this one. Awesome!

Except, the evening before, he bailed on the run… and not just bailed, but stormed out the door in a temper tantrum over it… which is never a good look! (seriously grown men throwing tantrums is purely ridiculous, all puce of face and bulging of veins). I watched him storm out, my heart sinking and when he slammed the door and gunned his SUV down the driveway, all I could think was… well, hell – there’s a pattern of behaviour that won’t change in a hurry!!

The run was the next evening and it was 31 degrees (celcius not farenheit – umm google tells me 31 celcius is 87.8 farenheit, so pretty darn hot!! 😛 ). I’m usually a morning runner and not real good running in hot weather, so this one was tough for me, even though the distance wasn’t that long. There are a lot of other runners out there (like my running buddies Kerry, Teri and Liz) who run longer distances in more challenging environments and they are tough folk and a bit more resilient than I. But for me a hot run over any distance sucks – but I was totally determined to finish this one!

Here I am during the race and I’m defs looking hot, melty and grittily determined – and I’m pretty sure this was fairly early in the race – but there was no way I was going to stop!

Here I am sweating my way through the run…

I’m the one in red with the pink hat 🙂

When I got home from the run I found a text from dating guy saying “I hope the run was so important to you that it signifies ending a relationship… I hope you find what you are running from…” pffft!!! How Gen Y, I got ditched in a text message!!! 😛

I am NEVER running from – I am ALWAYS running towards….

…unless it’s the zombies, then defs I am running from!!!

running zombies